The words that accurately, and without negative connotation, depict defiant, brave, bold, and fierce young females are few, and the stories that support the value of these qualities are even fewer. Time and time and time again, girls are told that if they abide by a certain equation (pretty + polite = increased value) they will be worthy of love, acceptance and belonging. Rabbel is here to say, “ENOUGH!” We are throwing the shoulds and expectations out the window and raising our collective voices, courageously, above the fray of stereotypes. Together we are stitching together a new tapestry of inspiration, preservation and determination. We are the wordsmiths, artists, visionaries, and warriors who are proud to call ourselves female, and we are so happy for you found your way here.

Twice a year, Rabbel will deliver pages and pages of diverse, inclusive and positive messages to mailboxes around the world. While most media geared toward large populations of children is woefully dumbed down and diluted, Rabbel believes in the limitless capacity of the female intellect, and the fierce luminosity of the female spirit. Rabbel is for the girls who want to change the world, and features endless examples of women who do just that. Rather than being an easily forgotten collection of media pixels, these printed issues will remain treasured keepsakes to be held in hands—both big and small—and serve as timeless, curated chronicles of fortitude and fun. While the digital age offers so much, there is absolutely nothing like flipping through real beloved pages, and actually feeling a million possibilities at your fingertips. Girls can be adventurous, strong, brilliant, imperfect, and courageous. It’s time we celebrate what it means to be a whole, unique, valuable person, and carve out a few moments to reclaim girlhood on our own terms.

Whether she is living luxuriously in a big city, or wearing hand-me-downs in a remote fishing village; whether she has disabilities, illnesses, or limitations of any kind; whether she is big or small or short or tall, her story is stunning, and it matters, and it must be preserved and shared. One by one, and page by page, the collective female voices of Rabbel will multiply and drown out the restrictive pressures that have limited young women for too long. It’s not about how we look, it’s about who we are and what we are capable of: all of us, together.

Hand lettering by Tully Comfort

Hand lettering by Tully Comfort



photo by Toni Racioppo

Julie & Tully

Rabbel Magazine was founded in 2017 by photographer and raconteuse, Julie Comfort, with significant inspiration, input, and collaboration from her daughter, Tully. Originally from NJ, Julie has also lived in Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Berlin. Together they love to travel, take pictures, read, and make art. 



Estrella Bonilla joined the team as Managing Partner in 2018. She is a socio-cultural anthropologist, originally from the land of the sun - Sunland, California. She spends her days as a kindergarten English teacher and a kids yoga teacher in Berlin. She loves to read, travel, doodle, and groove to her own tune.


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With the popularity of social media reaching girls at younger and younger ages, the need for positive role models has reached critical levels. Rabbel’s mission is to create balance in the imagery and language our girls are feeding their dreams with and to offer new perspectives on the international standards of beauty, value and importance. Rather than just giving them something else to look at, Rabbel exists to give them people to look up to. Every choice we make, from which content to include to how we operate our business, is informed by the following six guiding values.


The number one goal of Rabbel is to inspire and celebrate creativity in all of its forms, fostering a mindset of joy, experimentation, and imagination.


We aim to be inclusive of all identities and ideas, honoring diversity and creating a welcoming community and sense of belonging.


We want to inspire girls to be unwavering risk-takers, to be bold in their ambitions, and fearless in their endeavors. 


We encourage self love, respect, and appreciation, to celebrate our individuality, and to not limit ourselves by worrying whether we fit in with societal norms.


We are committed to always being frank, honest, and authentic with our content, never sugar coating or dumbing down stories, or glossing over the ugly parts. That especially means also sharing the ordinary, messy, and imperfect.


And finally, we promote the friendships and connections that draw us together and affirm our shared humanity.