Rabbel's Rad Recs #003

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Hey Rabbel Readers!

Every other week we will feature a list of carefully curated and radical recommendations of artists, songs, musicians, films, products, etc.

This week is a larger feature of one recommendation. We found this rec deserved it’s own Rad Rec post.

image from Robyn Steward’s website

image from Robyn Steward’s website

The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods

Robyn Steward is the Rabbel warrior behind the book The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods. After recalling her experience learning about menstruation, Steward realised the oversimplified description she got was insufficient to what young people need. From there Steward was inspired to create a more direct and clear educational experience for all people with periods, gender and ability inclusive. Her step by step guides offer details and photos that show menstrual health in a comprehensible way.

Steward’s book is based on research conducted with people living with autism. Steward asked over 100 people with autism about their experiences with their periods and what information would be helpful to know about menstrual health. Steward then created a comprehensive educational book for understanding the basics of having a period, why people get them, alternatives to the mainstream period products, how periods affect your emotions and body, and autism-specific issues relating to periods. The book was also peer-reviewed by two female doctors.

Steward intends to make period education accessible to everyone and though the book is available for anyone who experiences menstruation, it is primarily intended for young people with autism between the ages of 9 to 16.

The book launched in April 2019 and is now available to purchase here, including as a signed copy.

Outside of this uniquely awesome tool for understanding periods, Robyn Steward is also a musician and advocate for people diagnosed with autism. Check out Steward’s website for more empowering knowledge about living with autism, for parents and children alike.