Rabbel's Rad Recs #004

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Hey Rabbel Readers!

Every other week we will feature a carefully chosen radical recommendation of artists, songs, musicians, films, products, etc.

We decided to change our Rad Recs from three smaller recommendations to one great recommendation weekly!

Frida Kahlo’s Voice is Heard

This may be the only recording available to the public of the Mexican painter’s voice. Last week La Fonoteca Nacional released this audio recording that is believed to be the voice of Kahlo. She is heard reciting fragments of her Recito de Diego (Portrait of Diego), a text she wrote in 1949 describing her husband, painter Diego Rivera. Though it’s not certain, there is evidence to prove that this is the voice of the one and only! The recording has been analysed by experts and believed to match that of the beloved painter. Listen to it yourself and let us know what you think! and if you can read Spanish, you can find some more info here.