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Image courtesy of Locker Days

Image courtesy of Locker Days

a locker space designed by you

Locker Days is the new locker brand that helps you get creative with decorating your school locker! They’ve launched a colourful affirming collection of stylish accessories to pimp your locker. Not only are they providing these fun and empowering ways to style your locker but they are firm advocates of schools having lockers in the first place! My high school nor middle school allowed us to use the lockers so we had to lug around so much weight each day. Having a locker and a cool personalised one at that sounds like a dream to me! Locker Days gives students a chance to positively express themselves through a unique decorating experience. They have interchangeable wallpapers, cool posi magnets, photo pegs, mirrors, organisational pen pots, and magazine files all in bright and fun patterns and colours. A locker that constantly reminds me of how cool and creative I am … don’t mind if I do!

At Locker Days, we believe your school locker should be your sanctuary – a slice of you, to house your favourite things, and be the antidote for a tough day. Don’t lug a heavy bag around all day, take a moment for yourself, revitalise between classes and make the most of your locker.
— Locker Days

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