Four Issues of Rabbel

Four Issues of Rabbel


Four issues of Rabbel Magazine, Issues 1-4.

A feminist print publication for fierce-hearted preteens, Rabbel Magazine exists to replace body-perfect-centric and stereotype-heavy narratives with inspiring, uplifting, and validating content focused on creativity and global role models.  Of course we must tell our daughters a million times how brave they are. How powerful, how mighty, how resilient and radiant. And when the day is done, we need to also offer evidence, and examples, and hold up the shapes of her own soul to recognize herself in. Our daughters need to know what is possible so that they can recognize the sacred, and steadfast place within that exhales in knowing, without hesitation, “Yes, I can.” Representation matters, and Rabbel is here to do just that.

Rabbel is printed twice a year and each issue includes dynamic essays, stories and interviews of girls and women living boldly around the world, as well as unique DIY projects, activity pages, recipes and photo essays. Click here for more information about the content of the current issue.

The definition of what it means to be a girl is not singular, despite what the majority of media messaging tells us. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with fitting into the traditional mold of femininity, it’s imperative that this is not the only story being told, shared, and celebrated. There are a million ways to live in female skin, and Rabbel arrives, finally, as proof of just how magnificent this multiplicity truly is.


17x22.5 cm
80 full color pages
VAT included

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Issue 1: immediately
Issue 2: immediately
Issue 3: TBD 2019
Issue 4: TBD 2019

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